implements the JC-Game.

Class Messages Stores the Game-Messages, so they can be translated
Class DoesNotHaveException Exception for when a user tries to spend money he does not have
Class NothingPaidException Exception for when a user tries to pay nothing at all
Class User user object
Class userTestCase Undocumented
Function string2cards Undocumented
Function string2worth Undocumented
Function worth Undocumented
Function string2numCards Undocumented
Function char2word Undocumented
Class helpersTestCase Undocumented
Class State a state, which provides an input-method, and transits to other states on certain events
Class PaybackState Undocumented
Class LostState Undocumented
Class LostTestCase Undocumented
Class PaidState Undocumented
Class NeedToPayState Undocumented
Class SelectPlayerState Undocumented
Class WaitingForPlayersState Undocumented
Class PregameState Undocumented
Class Game Undocumented
Class gameTestCase Undocumented
def string2cards(input): (source)
def string2worth(input): (source)
def worth(cards): (source)
def string2numCards(input): (source)
def char2word(char): (source)
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