Method __init__ Undocumented
Method check_nick_change Undocumented
Method start_nickkeeping Undocumented
Method start_monitoring Undocumented
Method signedOn successfully signed on
Method connected Undocumented
Method userKicked someone kicked someone else
Method userQuit a user disconnect from the network
Method userRenamed a user changed the nick
Method nickChanged Undocumented
Method irc_unknown an IRC-Message, which is not handle by twisted was received

Inherited from chatMod:

Method auth check the authorisation of the user
Method joined we have joined a channel
Method command a command message received
Method query a private message received
Method msg message received
Method connectionMade made connection to server
Method connectionLost lost connection to server
Method left we have left a channel
Method noticed we got a notice
Method action action (/me) received
Method modeChanged mode changed
Method kickedFrom someone kicked the bot
Method userJoined a user joined the channel
Method userJoinedMask Undocumented
Method userLeft a user left the channel
Method yourHost info about your host
Method topicUpdated a user changed the topic of a channel
Method stop called, when the bot is stopped, or the module is reloaded
Method reload called to reload the settings of the module
Method start called to start the work of the module put your initialization stuff in here insteadof __init__
Method sendLine Undocumented
Method lineReceived Undocumented
Method ctcpQuery called for ctcp queries
def __init__(self, bot): (source)
def check_nick_change(self, nick): (source)
def start_nickkeeping(self): (source)
def start_monitoring(self): (source)
def signedOn(self): (source)

successfully signed on

def connected(self): (source)
def userKicked(self, kickee, channel, kicker, message): (source)

someone kicked someone else

def userQuit(self, user, quitMessage): (source)

a user disconnect from the network

def userRenamed(self, oldname, newname): (source)

a user changed the nick

def nickChanged(self, nick): (source)
def irc_unknown(self, prefix, command, params): (source)

an IRC-Message, which is not handle by twisted was received

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