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Implements interfaces: twisted.cred.checkers.ICredentialsChecker

No class docstring
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method userFactory create a new User
Method addUser adds a user to userlist
Method addGroup adds a group
Method requestAvatarId
Method requestAvatar Return avatar which provides one of the given interfaces.
Method save writes the userlist to a yaml file
Method load loads the userlist from a yaml file
Method _checkpw Undocumented

Inherited from InMemoryWordsRealm:

Method itergroups Return all groups available on this service.
Method lookupUser Undocumented
Method lookupGroup Retrieve a group by name.

Inherited from WordsRealm (via InMemoryWordsRealm):

Method groupFactory Undocumented
Method logoutFactory Undocumented
Method getGroup Retrieve the group by the given name.
Method getUser Retrieve the user by the given name.
Method createUser Create a new user with the given name.
Method createGroup Create a new group with the given name.
def __init__(self, name, file): (source)
def userFactory(self, name): (source)
create a new User
Parametersnamethe name of the new user (type: string )
Returnsa BotUser object
def addUser(self, user): (source)
adds a user to userlist
def addGroup(self, group): (source)
adds a group
def requestAvatarId(self, creds): (source)
Parameterscredentialssomething which implements one of the interfaces in self.credentialInterfaces.
Returnsa Deferred which will fire a string which identifies an avatar, an empty tuple to specify an authenticated anonymous user (provided as checkers.ANONYMOUS) or fire a Failure(UnauthorizedLogin). Alternatively, return the result itself.
See Alsotwisted.cred.credentials
def requestAvatar(self, avatarId, mind, *interfaces): (source)
Return avatar which provides one of the given interfaces.
ParametersavatarIda string that identifies an avatar, as returned by ICredentialsChecker.requestAvatarId (via a Deferred). Alternatively, it may be twisted.cred.checkers.ANONYMOUS.
mindusually None. See the description of mind in Portal.login.
interfacesthe interface(s) the returned avatar should implement, e.g. IMailAccount. See the description of Portal.login.
Returnsa deferred which will fire a tuple of (interface, avatarAspect, logout), or the tuple itself. The interface will be one of the interfaces passed in the 'interfaces' argument. The 'avatarAspect' will implement that interface. The 'logout' object is a callable which will detach the mind from the avatar.
def _checkpw(self, user, creds): (source)
def save(self): (source)
writes the userlist to a yaml file
def load(self): (source)
loads the userlist from a yaml file
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