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Class CityCodeParser Parses the answer of the CityCode Search
Class YahooWeatherParser Parses the actual weatherdata into a dict
Function get_location_code Fetch Location code
Function parse_location_code Parse Location code response
Function get_weather wrapperfunction for YahooWeatherParser
Function fetch_weather Get the weather from Yahoo! Weather.
Function parse_weather Undocumented
Function getDirection Undocumented
Class Plugin Undocumented
def get_location_code(location): (source)
Fetch Location code
def parse_location_code(content): (source)
Parse Location code response
def get_weather(location): (source)
wrapperfunction for YahooWeatherParser
def fetch_weather(codes): (source)
Get the weather from Yahoo! Weather.
def parse_weather(weather): (source)
def getDirection(deg): (source)
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