package documentation

plugins for the ircClient service

Module answers Send answers from file based on regexes
Module auth Authenticates a user to the Bot
Module autorejoin Rejoin, if kicked. (note: this is often a bad idea!)
Module badwords Kick user from a channel based on a list of bad words
Module blowcrypt Support for blowfish cryption on irc
Module chapterbot Record a series of user generated events with time stamps
Module checkbox marks randomly checkboxes [ ] (or not) - and or - one radiobuttons ( ) from a list of checkboxes &| radiobuttons
Module commands React to !commands with text from a commands.txt file
Module controlIRC Access the control service via IRC to control the Bot.
Module controlServer Helper Plugin for the ircServer service
Module ddate Calculate the discordian Date
Module eightBall Provide some aid to make a decision
Module feed Post Headlines and Links from a Newsfeed
Module flyspray Provide a command to information for a bug in a Flyspray bug tracker
Module google Query Google services. Currently only googlefight is implemented.
Module human Helper Plugin for ircServer service to enable external clients to have the same view as the Bot.
Module icecast get information from an icecast-server
Module identify Identify the Bot to a nickserv, if the botnick is registered
Package jc Johnny-Controletti-like game about money, debt and counterfeited money
Module karma Track the karma of user supplied terms
Module keepnick Undocumented
Module ki Try to emulate a normal user by answering
Module kurs Fetch current stock prices
Module log Log channel conversations to files.
Module marvin complain like Marvin from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Module math Calculate a random number
Module mirror Mirror the activities of one channel into another
Module mode Let the Bot modify other users flags
Module moon Calculate the current phase of the moon
Module noautorejoin ban users who use autorejoin
Module quotesfromweb Sends quotes and proverbs to the channel
Module reminder No module docstring; 1/2 class documented
Module seen Undocumented
Module statistics Calculate some statistics, like peak usercount.
Module svn Periodically checks a subversion repository for new revisions and posts them
Module svn-push This module gets notified by tcpServer.svn whenever a subversion repository gets updated. It then posts the commit information to the channel specified in the config.
Module timediff provide time and compare CTCP times
Module tv Undocumented
Module url Undocumented
Module version Undocumented
Module vote cast a vote with !votecast question and collect answers
Module weather No module docstring; 0/1 variable, 0/1 function, 1/1 class documented
Module youtube search on youtube with !youtube search phrase